About TheFrozenDuck

In a world of normal people...gamers stand apart. The Frozen Duck is the brain child of late night gamers who've been playing table top RPGs since the mid eighties.  Yes, we know there are people who've been playing since the 70s but we aren't old enough, so the late 80s is the best we can do.  Listen - we survived thac0.  Isn't that enough? 

Anyway, late laughs and hours of making fun of each other led to the humor which became focus point of The Frozen Duck.  We are gamers.  We now sell all sorts of apparel thanks to websites such as Cafe Press which allows low overhead.

Why are you called The Frozen Duck anyway?
Why are you called The Frozen Duck?  Well thats actually a very insteresting story.  In the age before time, in the land beyond the stars, the great ice wizard summoned forth a powerful animal to serve as his familiar .... that animal was a duck!  Ok.  Now I'm just being silly.  Do you know how hard it is to come up with a unique name on the web these days?  It was random and it stuck!

TheFrozenDuck Orc SkullTheFrozenDuck Red Dragon Head