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From the classic Tabletop RPG, laden with dragons, wizards, warriors and dungeons, to the modern post apocalyptic computer game, packed with mutants and nuclear fallout, TheFrozenDuck has the gear for you!

What We Do (The Fun Stuff!)

We create humorous, gamer theme designs and fantasy artwork to share with the world.  We size them and optimize them for the best output available based on the surface they are to be printed on.  We talk to other gamers and fans of the genre to constantly come up with new ideas.  We are always looking for something clever, witty or just plain funny to add to our designs.

Most importantly, we keep playing games.  Our own late night sessions with our preferred role playing games (we can't say the names!) are our greatest inspiration!  We ARE gamers.  We are NOT corporate entities trying to cache in on a niche.  We make gaming designs because we love the games we play.  While most of us play RPGs (Role Playing Games), we also play a lot of FPS (First Person Shooter) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) games to keep in shape.

What We Don't Do (The Boring Stuff)

We do not have the facilities or equipment to produce the final products.  We use a third party printing company to handle the mechanical side of our operation.  This has its pros and cons, but mostly pros.  We do not see a product before it ships.  This mean's we are not in charge of the quality control.  The good news is we're using the best printing company we could team up with, so mistakes are few and far between.  We do, however, fully stand behind our products.  If there is a problem with anything you've purchased from TheFrozenDuck, let us know and we will help!

RPG and Gaming Humor, Fantasy Art and Other Cool Stuff.
Designed by Gamers for Gamers.

Have a Great Idea?  Know how to improve one of our existing designs?
We'd love to hear from you! 

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No Dragons, Unicorns, Manticores, Elves or Gnomes were hurt in the making of this website.  One Mountain Dwarf stubbed his toe, but he's doing much better now.  I should mention that a forum troll was injured by a flamer as well.
We are not affiliated with any game console, PC hardware or software companies, nor do we endorse reenacting RPG or Video Game violence in real life.  In fact, we don't endorse real life violence in real life. 
Our lawyers said we had to have a lot of small print at the bottom here.  How's the weather?  My personal favorite designs are from the skulls and symbols, although I also am a fan of orcs.   No one asks me though.  I'm just here to update the page from time to time.  I hope our game starts on time this week.  I'm done.  I need a soda.  Go buy an RPG Humor Shirt, a funny gaming hat or a bag of holding from TheFrozenDuck.